Cleaner to remove the residue after removal of the emulsion paint Pregan C 44 A




PREGAN C 44 A is used to remove the residue after removal of the paint layer copier. It contains slow evaporating solvents and can therefore due to the long exposure time to remove stubborn dirt from the screen stencil. PREGAN C 44 A has a non-aggressive odor and high flash point. Since PREGAN C 44 A dissolves many fotomulsii screen printing can not be used for cleaning stencils during the printing process.


Before you remove the stencil layer wipe with a cloth or brush dipped in PREGAN C 44 A, on both sides, as long as all paint residues were dissolved or emulsifying and emulsion will not be visible. Then rinse thoroughly with water. Remove the layer as usual one of our products PREGASOL If the screen remains undissolved paint residue, wipe the net, processed foods PREGAN From 44 And every few minutes, as long as the remains are dissolved or emulsifying. In the case of very persistent residue can give PREGAN From 44 A to react for a few hours to rest dried up again.

The so-called ghost images, unless caused by the deformation of the grid, it is best removed with a mixture PREGAN C 44 A and PREGAN-PASTE. Wait a few minutes for a reaction, wash with a mixture of water, then remove the softened and dissolved with water from the high pressure pump.

Color: Blue

Storage: 12 months (at 20-25 ° C in the original packaging).