Whitening gel to remove the "shadow image" and complete cleaning of the grid Pregan Anti-Ghost Extra



Pregan Anti-Ghost Extra can be used to remove the "double images" and remnants of paint on the grid. Unlimited amount of time can be used on grids made ??of polyester, the processing of nylon and V2A exposure time shall not exceed 1 hour. When processing V2A steel grids are introduced further limitations due to the changing quality of the grid or damage from the use of other chemicals. Necessary to make preliminary tests. Pregan Anti-Ghost Extra does not apply to metallic (nickel) grids.


Apply Pregan Anti-Ghost Extra on both sides of the screen from which you removed the emulsion coating and which is dried.

The response time should be at least 15-60 minutes. If there was a stronger coloring mesh screen or stencil used for a long time in the press, in this case, the response time should be increased (if using polyester mesh, up to 24 hours).

"Double Image" diazo washed with water. To remove residual paint brush, apply Pregan Combi-Clean the fiber Pregan Anti-Ghost Extra on both sides. Then treat the stencil or a strong jet of water, or using a device that operates at high pressure.

STORAGE. 6 months (20-25 ° C).