Means for cleaning and degreasing stencil grids Pregan A 9 Extra




Highly effective cleaning and degreasing agent for all types of stencil grids. Prevents the formation of small holes and damage the substrate emulsion directly. The formulation of this product is specially adapted to the requirements of screen printing and superior to all conventional cleaners. Possibly due to a thick consistency and economical application of optimal allocation even for coarse meshes. PREGAN A 9 EXTRA biodegradable and after the usual dilution can be discharged into the sewer.


Apply PREGAN A 9 EXTRA on the grid and carefully distribute the resulting foam on both sides with a brush. In this case contamination and emulsified fats and become water soluble. For works degreasing recommended special brush KIWO Screenbrush # 1. Mesh flush with water for as long as is not washed away all the foam. Continuous drainage of water prevents lime residues on the grid. After drying sieve Spray emulsion. Clean / degrease mesh recommended prior to application of the emulsion to prevent possible contamination during preparation delayed nets.

Color: green

Consistency: viscous liquid


2 years (at a temperature of 20-25 ° C) in the original packaging. PREGAN A 9 EXTRA freezes at a temperature of about 0 ° C. After defrosting, can be used without restrictions.