Cleaner to remove paint residues Pregan 244 E




PREGAN 244 E - is a solvent mixture forms an emulsion with water, which dissolves rapidly and reliably screen inks of different origin. After processing PREGAN 244 E paint residues can be removed from the screen with water. Compositionally, this tool is specifically adapted to the requirements of screen printing, ie despite the great cathartic effect, copy the layer remains intact.


Before cleaning possible to completely remove loose paint with a spatula, sponge dipped PREGAN 244 E, emulsify paint residue on the stencil and remove them as long as there is no visible copy layer. Rinsing with water is possible, depending on the circumstances, be avoided. If this working, however, is necessary, before draining into the sewer you must make sure not to have exceeded the norm of the hydrocarbons.

Color: Colorless

Safety and environmental protection

When working with PREGAN 244 E advised to wear protective gloves and goggles. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Ensure good ventilation of working area. PREGAN 244 E contains hydrocarbons, so we can not allow to enter drains.

Storage: 2 years (at 20-25 ° C in the original packaging).