Spray for cleaning the paint stencil during printing Pregan 235 S Spray




PREGAN 235 SPRAY dissolves dried paint for screen printing after an interruption or when the stencil starts to clog. Its structure is designed to meet the demands of screen printing, that is, in spite of a strong solvent power, it is practically no effect on the emulsion. Simple operation aerosol spray replaces expensive and cumbersome cleaning operations.


Spray Spray SPRAY 235 PREGAN the stencil from the roll with a distance of 20-30 cm Give him some time to react. After 2-3 proofing open the grid will be clean again.

Drying: approximately 3 hours at 20 ° C or for 1 hour at 30 ° C. In the case of higher temperatures or longer drying time should be limited to the possibility of removal retouching.

Storage. 12 months (at 20 ± 5 ° C) in the original packaging.