Paper and polypropylene film for printing

Paper Eco-Sol Synthetic Paper ESP160

Composition: polypropylene, density: 135 g/m².

Paper Eco-Sol Synthetic Paper ESP200B

Composition: polypropylene, density: 270 g/m².

Film Eco-Display Film EDF250B

Composition: polypropylene, density: 240 g/m².

The company "Reklamnaya sreda" offers polypropylene papers and films for wide format printing (trade Korea).

Polypropylene paper and film print - is the perfect choice for decoration of retail outlets and retail stores. Perfect for printing bright photo realistic. Resistant to tearing, self-adhesive, polypropylene film and paper for everyday use have a permanent adhesive for quick and reliable mounting. As a result of working with them very easy and convenient. Polypropylene film have excellent barrier properties, safe for people and animals. They also have good optical properties, the ability to easily print.