Ltd. "Reklamnaya sreda" offers semi-automatic turning machines for screen printing (silkscreen) on textiles.

Semi-automatic textile machines used to perform high-multi-color printing on textiles with a combination of colors of any complexity. Semiautomatic machines offer print speeds of up to 1200 pieces per hour. Their usual equipment: 6x8, 7x8, 8x10, 9x10, 10x12, 11х12, 12х14, 13х14, 14х16, 15х16, etc. (printing units x desktops).

Semi-automatic textile machinery designed for large production facilities - the minimum diameter machine is 4 meters. Typically, this type of textile machinery by infrared intermediate drying, working in pulsed mode, provides high speed, allowing it to create exceptionally bright and clear prints.

For semi-automatic vertical lathes not unimportant characteristics such as the type of drive moving parts and system management. Electric drive (in comparison with pneumatic actuator) is more convenient, because it provides a more uniform and accurate feeding stencil squeegee and stop it at high speeds. Management system in the semi-vertical lathes are different: they may be a touch screen control panel fixed or mobile remote that can be easily moved to any printing unit.

In turn, turning machines also have a semi indisputable advantages: they are comfortable, economical to manufacture large repetitive runs, stable print settings are accurate. When choosing vertical lathes both manual and semi-automatic type should pay attention to their configuration and the number of printed tables and printing sections. A large number of desktops can enhance the picture color and installs additional equipment. More printing units will greatly expand the range of work, responding to the needs of the most demanding customers.