Semiautomatic equipment for rotary printing on cylindrical objects



Model of the printing press 1 2
Print view Circular / Plane Circular / Plane
Type of drive Pneumo Pneumo
Max. print size, mm 260 х 150 260 х 130
Max. size of the printed frame, mm 500 x 250 x 25 490 х 250 х 25
Max. diameter of the printing cylinder, mm 80 120
Max. height, mm 150 100
Max. taper angle 3-4 3-4
Speed, pcs./hour to 800 to 1300
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 550 х 600 х 970 600 х 550 х 1550
Weight, kg 75 78


Semi-automatic printing machine is designed for single color or multi-color printing on cylindrical objects with a small cone angle (cups, glasses, ashtrays, bottles, buckets, bottles, automotive pistons, etc.). And also for sealing sheet materials such as paper, cardboard, adhesive tape, various plastics, wood, metal, glass, etc.

Semi-automatic rotary printing standard issue:

• Pneumatic drive with microprocessor control.

• Side clamps, which are equipped with rigid holders screw fixing the printing frame. Securely hold the frame holders, which prevents printing during its displacement and mobility, as well as to prevent re-alignment.

• Micrometer register, which allows to center position of the printing products in all directions with respect to stencil plate.

• The pneumatic system with a separate pressure control squeegee and forrakelya. To ensure high accuracy and stability of the pressure in the printing process, as well as a perfect repetition kraskoottiska throughout the printing cycle.

• Independent mechanical adjustments and tilt the squeegee forrakelya, used to adjust the flow of ink transferred to the printing plate from the seal area.

• Air speed control system and move the squeegee forrakelya.

• Mechanical adjustment of the printing gap for setting the machine at different diameters, size cylindrical products.

Additionally, the machine is equipped with a vacuum table for printing on flat objects.



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