Semi-automatic carousel screen printing on textiles, a series of "S-Line"



Model printed carousel 8 10 12
Type of drive printing units Servo Servo Servo
Type of drive move printing table Servo Servo Servo
Laser positioning products + + +
Number of printing units, units to 7 to 8 to 10
Number of printed tables, pieces 8 10 12
Max. print size, mm 380 х 400 380 х 400 380 х 400
Size of the printed frame, mm 500 х 700 500 х 700 500 х 700
Size of the printing table, mm 400 х 500 400 х 500 400 х 500
Speed, idle cycle, units / hour 800 800 800
The diameter of the printing press, mm 2830 3080 3350
Power consumption, V 400 400 400
Air consumption 8 atm., m3 / h 12 15 18
Weight, kg to 500 to 700 to 900


Textile semiautomatic carousel designed for multi-screen printing of textiles, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, cut, work and casual wear, etc.

Textile boring semiautomatic «S-Line» standard with:

1. Printed node is equipped with:

• Servo microprocessor-controlled 6-print programs and turn-based settings.

• Clamp that securely hold the frame, eliminating in the process of printing its displacement and mobility, as well as to prevent re-alignment. This system allows a maximum speed to make removal and installation of the screen form.

• Micrometer register, which allows to center position stencil plate in all directions with respect to the flap products.

• Pneumatic system with separate adjustment of the contact pressure of the squeegee and forrakelya. To ensure high accuracy and stability of pressure in the printing process, as well as flawless repetition kraskoottiska throughout the printing cycle. The adjustment is made as to the printing unit, and from a central console.

• Independent mechanical adjusting the angle of the squeegee and forrakelya used for adjusting the flow amount of ink transferred from the printing plate to the printing surface.

• Electronic speed adjustment squeegee and forrakelya. The adjustment is made as to the printing unit, and from a central console.

• Moving along the shape of the blades through servo.

• By adjusting the stroke length of the squeegee and forrakelya.

• Mechanical adjustment of the printing gap for adjustment of the machine under a different dimension of the product.

• Unique centering system that enables precise positioning of the printhead and the printing table with their combination in the printing process.

2. Platform tables completed:

• Thermal printing tables made ??of aluminum alloy that gives both high strength and light weight. The fastening system allows for a few seconds to carry out removal and installation of the tables that plays an important role in the changeover. Additionally, machines can be equipped with printed tables with different sizes and shapes: for printing on umbrellas, pockets, trousers, sleeves, etc.

3. Microprocessor control:

• Management of printing units: on, off, speed control and move the squeegee forrakelya, print a sample print completion, setting up various programs, printing and programming sequences of work, monitoring of the printing process and printing units.

• Manage print tables: the rotational speed, direction, monitoring of work.

• Easy start program before the start of the printing process.

• The "Multirezhim": allows you to simulate any sequence diagram printing. Touch panel control: intuitive interface. Required performance of the machine: the counter of finished products, the counter products of marriage, marriage counter printing, the total counter products, the average print speed, maximum print speed, support, configuration and accident.

• Swivel Touchscreen.

• Laser positioning of products on printed tables.



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