Plastisol base Plush Base to obtain a tissue simulate chenille, velvet, flock, and suede




Plastisol base Plush Base – special print base, designed for textile printing, c the simulation of a variety of texture effect: suede, flocking, velvet, chenille (chenille) and tissue structures. By selection of the thickness of the paint layer and the drying temperature it is possible to reproduce a variety of surround effects.


Print options

Types of fabrics

100% cotton and blended fabrics on its basis, some types of synthetics.

Mesh selection

34-120 threads/cm, depending on the type of printing.

Recommended tension: 25-35 N/cm.

The choice of the doctor blade

Hardness: 65-75 Sh single-layer, three-layer 75/90/75 Sh.

Profile: rectangular.

Edge: sharp.

Speed: medium to high.


Emulsion: 2+2.

Capillary film: 200-400 microns.

Printed gap: 2 mm.

The drying parameters

Intermediate drying: 70 °C (160°F).

Transfer: 160°C (320 °F).


Supplements: MX - max. 25%, PC - max. 5% by weight.

Diluent: 10025VB QEC Viscosity Buster - 1% by weight.


Store at temperature 18-32º C.

Avoid contact with direct sunlight.

To use during the year of receipt.



• Base to print wide range of designer texture effects.

• Printing is possible both through normal and through the high stencil.

• To obtain the desired color you must add the concentrates of pigments or paint PC MX series.


Printing guidelines

• You can print as a separate color and pre-printed substrate.

• A thicker layer of paint will provide excellent relief prints, with a small layer of paint will be more softer result.

• Formulas for certain textures:

Suede: Plush Base 85 g + PC MX 15 g, 100 mesh yarns/cm flat stencil (without capillary film) application: printing/intermediate drying/printing, finishing drying: 171 °C (340 °F).

Flock: Plush Base 85 g + PC MX 15 g, the grid 62 threads/cm - flat or capillary stencil film 150 micron application: printing/intermediate drying/printing, finishing drying: 171 °C (340 °F).

Chenille: Plush Base 85 g + PC MX 15 g, the grid 34 threads/cm - capillary film 200 micron application: printing/intermediate drying/printing, finishing drying: 171 °C (340 °F).


Special recommendation

• Test for drying are required prior to beginning the print run. Insufficient or excessive drying will result in poor stability of the print to wash, and poor adhesion of paint. The temperature on the surface of the impression with intermediate and final drying must be monitored with a pyrometer or other means.

• Responsibility for the correct selection of paint to a printing material lying on the technologist or the printer responsible for making paint and printing options.

• It is necessary to conduct preliminary tests on weakly stained or discolored materials. Avoid hot styling products in the foot, because the fabric of these colors can lead to spurious staining. Remember, the characteristics of the fabrics and colors may vary depending on manufacturer and batch of fabric.

• For proper operation with a plush base you need to set the drying temperature as described above in the print settings. This excessive drying temperature may lead to flaking of the paint layer.

• Stir the product before printing.

• The printed image cannot be subjected to dry cleaning, bleaching, and Ironing with a hot iron.

• For any application not referred in this manual, necessary to carry out preliminary tests or to consult a specialist.