Manual flatbed equipment for screen printing with vacuum table



Model of the printing press 1 2 3 4 5 6
Type of drive manual manual manual manual manual manual
Number of printing units, units 1 1 1 1 1 1
Number of printed tables, pieces 1 1 1 1 1 1
Max. print size, mm 700 х 1000 1000 х 1400 1000 х 2000 1000 х 2200 1200 х 2600 1300 х 2800
Max. size of the printed frame, mm 1100 х 1350 1400 х 1750 1400 х 2500 1400 х 2700 1600 х 3100 1700 х 3300
The size of the vacuum table, mm 900 х 1200 1200 х 1600 1200 х 2200 1200 х 2400 1400 х 2800 1500 х 3000
Maximum product height, mm 80 80 80 80 80 80
Speed of work, cycle / shift to 1000 to 1000 to 1000 to 800 to 800 to 800
Power, V 380 380 380 380 380 380
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 1530х1700х1330 1700х2000х1330 1700х2600х1330 1700х2800х1330 1900х3200х1330 2000х3400х1330


Hand printing machine screen printing is designed for sealing sheet materials such as paper, cardboard, adhesive tape, various types of plastics, wood, furniture products, metal, glass, stained glass, plastic bags, etc.

Hand flatbed screen printing machine is standard equipped with:

• Vacuum table and secure the fan to the printed material on the printing table. This vacuum system allows you to work without adhesive additives, thus increasing the speed and convenience of the printing process and to prevent sticking adhesive residue from the inside of the product. Turning the vacuum automatically when lowering the screen form and off when picked up.

• Side clamps, which are equipped with rigid holders screw fixing the printing frame. The clamps are adjustable for any size stencil plate. Securely hold the frame holders, which prevents printing during its displacement and mobility, as well as to prevent re-alignment.

• Micrometric register, which allows to center position vacuum table in all directions relative to the printing plate.

• The height adjuster, with which you can adjust the printing gap between the frame and screen printing vacuum table, which will seal the bulk sheet material thickness of 80 mm.

• Velcro-registration. Allowing you secure the vacuum table after centering screen frame.

• Squeegee lever that has adjustable printing pressure and ensures the uniformity of the whole area of ??printed surface during printing.

• Squeegee holder with the ability to adjust the angle, depending on various factors, screen printing.

• Steel dowel pins, which when combined with the steel cylinders in two points, give precise positioning printhead and printing with the section of their combination in the printing process. This system provides excellent performance in positioning and composited in multicolor and full-color printing.

• Metal counterweights and hydraulic shock absorbers that provide a smooth rise of screen frame during printing. This system provides non-impact printing job site, and does not lead to the weakening of the installation.

• Carrier metal core, which provides maximum stability manual stencil machine.