Self-adhesive application plotter PVC film, mounting film and paper

Colored self-adhesive film

Series 352

Film series 352 – dense metallized film, is produced in the colors transparent, metallic, silver and gold. Has a high resistance to aging and deformation, covered with acrylic varnish.

Series 451

Film series 451 – thick film, elastic self-adhesive PVC film with silky matte surface for gluing on the banner fabric.

Series 620

Film series 620 – soft PVC film for temporary fixation. Easy and residue-free removal of the film from most surfaces provides easily removable polyacrylate.

Series 640

Film series 640 – soft calendered elastic glossy and matte PVC self-adhesive film, use the film for silk screen and offset printing with UV inks, and flexographic.

Series 641

Film series 641 – film economy class, designed specifically for use on cutting plotters. Today is one of the most popular and sought after materials in the advertising market. The series is presented with glossy and matte surface.

Series 5300

Film series 5300 – reflective film is used for manufacturing all kinds of reflective advertising, for example, for registration of vehicles, signage, signs, traffic signs.

Series 6510

Film 6510 series – fluorescent, water-resistant, cast PVC film with a high degree of brightness. Very effective for use in poor visibility conditions, and also has a high brightness under UV illumination.

Series 8100

Film series 8100 – translucent, light-diffusing PVC film with a silky matte finish. The film is designed to manufacture high quality illuminated advertising.

Series 8300

Film series 8300 – stained transparent glossy self adhesive PVC film that has an additional protection against UV radiation.

Series 8500

Film series 8500 – translucent, light-diffusing PVC film with a silky matte finish. Film is used for light boxes, in the manufacture of illuminated advertising.

Series 8510

Film 8510 series – self adhesive PVC film for decorating transparent bases. Presented in colors "silver" and "gold" and various surface structures.

Series 8810

Film series 8810 – adhesive PVC film for decorating transparent bases. Has lots of sparkling sequins create a three-dimensional effect silver frost" glow. The film has excellent durability and resistance to UV radiation.

Series 9300

Film series 9300 – adhesive phosphorescent (photoluminescent) PVC film yellow-green color with a velvety matte finish. Water (glows in the dark after the accumulation of light energy.

Mounting film, paper and double-sided self-adhesive film

Series MT-52

Paper MT-52 – self-adhesive mounting paper to transfer signs with self-adhesive foil on work surface.

Series MT-80 P

Film MT-80 P – self-adhesive mounting tape with reusable substrate. It is used to transfer signs with self-adhesive foil on work surface. Transparent elastic, has a high resistance to stretching.

Series MT-95

Film MT-95 – self-adhesive mounting film reusable without substrate. The film is specially designed for quick and accurate application in cases that require high transparency mounting material.

Series 4040D

Film 4040D – sided transparent adhesive film to the substrate on both sides. Both sides of this film have an adhesive layer, providing permanent adhesion.