Electric gun high pressure to clean unwanted residue from textiles


The company "Reklamnaya Sreda" offers electric gun for cleaning unwanted residue from textiles under pressure. This gun is indispensable for shops screen printing working with plastisol inks and water based paints.

In the printing process on the possibility of accidentally getting paint on the printed material. In this situation it is recommended to use special high-pressure gun to wash the unwanted traces of paint. The gun under high pressure knocks the paint from the printed material without a trace. As a purifier it is recommended to use solvent-based cleaner for paint removers (e.g. Pregan 244 E).

This gun has an adjustable nozzle that allows the operator to precisely control pressure cleaner from jet to mist. This makes it possible to clean delicate, such as silk or satin, without any risk of rupture.

The gun operates from a 220 V network and has a reservoir of 900 ml.

NOTE: the Included gun has the ability to accumulate pressure. Never point the gun on himself and on other people, as this may cause injury.