PET sheet plastic for printing



The company "Reklamnaya sreda" offers pet sheet for screen, offset and digital printing.

Pet sheet is a transparent polyester - based material. Also known as polyester and Dacron. Plastic PET shockproof and flexible, does not support combustion, is chemically resistant. At temperatures above 70°C deformed, that is easy to mold, easy to cut. The only transparent plastic that can be deformed in a cold state without cracking.

This type of plastic has a long shelf life, resistant to mechanical damage, moisture, chemicals and UV rays.


Polyester sheet (PET) has been successfully used for the manufacture of a wide variety of products in the production of promotional products, medicine and food industry. It is applied in production of badges, protective screens within for photos, by a vacuum forming it is possible to receive: plastic displays, lodgments for fixing of goods (stationery, spirits, cosmetic sets) in cardboard boxes, packing of food (ice cream, cookies, salads, candies, cakes, cakes), production of corrects for packing of candies, etc.


Pet sheet has a high impact resistance, perfectly sealed, has excellent light transmission ability in the amorphous state, low gas permeability, has increased resistance to the effects of fats and mineral acids, has a low coefficient of moisture absorption, high plasticity even in the cold state, which allows it to be used in many areas of industry and advertising, good recyclability by extrusion methods, injection molding, thermoforming.

Type of printing.

Screen printing, UV offset printing, flexography, possible digital printing with UV inks.


Polyester sheet (PET), can be processed by: forming, cutting, can be cut with a knife, guillotine, saw or by laser cutting. It is easy to be machined, glued, bent, both in the cold state and with additional heating. The material is characterized by the ability to multiple kinks.


The plastic sheets shall be stored horizontally in a closed room protected from direct sunlight and moisture. The recommended temperature is about 25°C.


1.32-1.34 g/cm3 (DIN 53479)


200-350 kJ/m2 (DIN 53448)

Tensile strength

50 N/m2 (DIN 53455)

Elongation at break

350% (DIN 53455)

Elastic modulus

2200 MPa (DIN 53457)

The softening temperature for Vika

71°C (DIN 53457)

Melting point

255°C (DTA)

Thermal conductivity, 20°C

0.22 W/m/K (VDE 0304)

Shrinkage at 50°C

0% (DIN 53377)/p>

Shrinkage at 70°C

0.2% (DIN 40634)

Vapour permeability, 250µ 20°C

1.6 g/ m, 24 hours (DIN 53122)

Surface tension

40 dyn/cm (DIN 53370)

Color sheet

Thickness, mm

Sheet size, mm

Sheets in a pack, pcs.

Transparent / glossy 0,2 700х1000 50
0,3 700х1000 50
0,4 700х1000 25
0,5 700х1000 20