Semi-monochromatic pad printing machine WN-135 with an open doctor blade system



Machine type semiautomatic
Type of drive air
Number of colors 1
Blade system open
Max. format cliche, mm 250 x 250
Max. printing area, mm 200 x 200
Max. height, mm 300
Tampon stroke, mm 120
Print speed, pieces/hour 1000
Power Supply, V / Hz 220 / 50
Consumed power, W 20
Compressed air pressure, Bar 6
Dimensions (WxDxH), mm 1170 x 800 x 1690
Weight, kg 380


Monochrome semi-automated equipment with a cleaning system for pad printing is an ideal entry-level solution for printing on promotional products (pens, lighters, keychains, ashtrays, badges, toys, stationery, watch, etc.). The materials used are also varied: plastic, wood, glass, metal, leather, all kinds of securities. Any machine pad printing can be used in both small and large industries that use pad printing.

Monochromatic pad printing machines are used for unlimited one-color runs and color runs tampon printing. The device pad of the inking system of the machine allows you to use any printing form (photopolymer, dilaceration and steel plate). Guaranteed print format from 50x50 to 160х450 mm ensures the implementation of most of the types of pad work.