A machine for unwinding a rolled material to a predetermined length




The limit of measur.
Max. roll diameter
Min. roll diameter
Max. roll width
Max. coil weight
from 0 to 99.99 m
200 mm
80 mm
1600 mm
60 kg
1710х230х100 mm


Special autmaticly machine for dimensional unwinding of roll materials. Using this device for unwinding adhesive tapes, paper roll or any other roll material to a predetermined length.

The process of unwinding occurs by setting the roll on the shafts of the machine, the stretch film under the bottom roller shaft and the counter to the edge of the machine and the counter is reset to zero. Thus the edge of the machine is the beginning of the report. Continue unrolling the tape to the required distance, this machine has a multiplicity of counter 1 see the Unwinding of the film should not be jerks and because the film can slip under the counter roller so the counter can be wrong. After unwinding stop at the specified size and cut the tape along the edge of the machine with a craft knife.