Self-adhesive film series 5300



Thickness* (without protective paper and adhesive)

0,095 mm

Adhered to aluminium base, from -56 °C to +82 °C
Resistance to sea water (DIN 50021)
Adhered to aluminium, after 100 h./23°C not observed any changes
Resistance to solvents and chemicals
While technically correct gluing are resistant to most mineral oils, fats, fuels, aliphatic solvents, weak acids, salts and alkalis
Resistance to cleaning agents
Adhered to aluminium, after 8 hours of being in a detergent solution (0,5% household cleaner) at room temperature and 65°C no changes were observed
Adhesive force*, (FINAT-TM1 after 24 hours, stainless steel)
15 N/25 mm (gap film)
Shelf life**
2 year
Bonding temperature
≥ +10°C
Lifetime when properly processed
at least 5 years (outdoor)
* average ** in original packaging, at 20°C and 50% relative humidity *** normal climate of Central Europe.


Reflective film 5300 Series are self-adhesive film with a high level of reflection, having excellent resistance to weathering, as well as excellent corrosion resistance and resistance to solvents. The system of reverse radiation reflective films 5300 Series consists of encapsulated catadioptric glass beads which are embedded in a layer of plastic material (class RA 1, design A, formerly Type 1). The smooth surface of reflective film is characterized by a high level of scratch resistance and impact resistance as well as very good printability.

The surface

Alkyd resin

The substrate

Silicone coated paper with double-sided polyethylene coating, 145 g/m2.
The application of silicone paper article number and roll guarantees perfect opportunity
tracking of all engineering and commodity options.


Polyacrylate, permanent adhesion.


Reflective films series 5300 is specifically designed for the production of high quality traffic signs, devices, traffic management, warning markings and signs of, and retroreflective markings, numbers, and symbols provided for long-term outdoor use. On the reflective film has an adhesive with an excellent adhesion on metallic substrates, such as aluminum or galvanized steel sheet.

Printing method

Recommended paints for screen printing.


When using the transparencies series 5300, you need to take into account the existing national specifications. We recommend that you contact the relevant bodies to get the effective in the country norms in order to ascertain the possibility of use of this product. All the products series 5300 undergo rigorous quality control throughout the production cycle, so we guarantee that the delivered product meets the trade standards of quality and defects. Product information is based on the research results, with certainty from the point of view of our company, which, however, does not constitute a warranty. Because of the diversity of possibilities of using films and the ongoing development of their use, the buyer should check the possibility to use and quality products for their compliance with intended use and assume the associated risks. All specifications are subject to change without prior notice. The warranty does not apply to those uses that are not provided or do not correspond to the instructions. The resistance of the plates depends on a number of factors, for example, from choosing and preparing the substrate, carefully following the recommendations and instructions from the geographical and climatic conditions, as well as care product and the finished sign. The company does not bear responsibility for defects caused by using the wrong substrate or improper surface preparation.


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