Ecosolvent ink OKI SX for digital printing




The color palette is ink:

- 223 SX Cart Blue (cyan)

- 222 SX Cart Purple (magenta)

- 221 SX Cart Yellow (yellow)

- 224 SX Cart Black (black)

- 225 SX Cart Light blue (light cyan)

- 226 SX Cart Light Magenta (light magenta)

- 227 SX Cart Gray (gray)

Compatible with: OKI COLORPAINTER E-64S / М-64S

Colors: CMYK+Lc+Lm+Gy

Packaging: replacement cartridges 1500 ml. (M-64S) and 500 ml. (E-64S).


Original eco-solvent ink OKI SX have high levels of brightness and optical density. This allows you to get rich color and crisp detail in dark portions of images, which is very important for printing light advertising. Due to the high density also minimizes the consumption of ink, which fully meets the demand for improving printing performance.

SX ink meet the international environmental standards, guarantee the absence of smell during the printing process and on finished products, which is certified by the Nordic Ecolabel and GREENGUARD Gold.

Eco-solvent SX ink presented in a variety of colors CMYK+Lc+Lm+Gy, in which there are channels of gray. When monochrome images are more realistic and remain black-and-white regardless of the light source. In addition, in the monochrome mode, saving ink up to 40%.


For proper use eco-solvent ink OKI SX need to follow a few important recommendations:

• Installation of the cartridge into a working socket in strict accordance with the color listed on the tags above each nest.

• Before you install the cartridge, you must gently shake it to create a homogeneous pigment dispersion.

• It is recommended to keep the ink in sealed cartridges, with the air temperature of 15-25°C. Avoid sources of ignition, heat and direct sunlight. Keep ink out of the reach of children, away from food. Not require special conditions during transport.