Murano Adhesive water-based glue for powdered glitter, rhinestone, glass beads




Murano Adhesive is a water-based soft and flexible glue for glitter powder, rhinestones, and glass beads. Glue is specially developed for ensuring perfect and durable adhesion of products on fabric. Unlike other similar adhesives, Murano Adhesive provides excellent grip even after a long time.


Print options

Types of fabrics

100% cotton.

Mesh selection

8-24 threads/cm, depending on the size of the applied glitter.

Recommended tension: 25-35 N/cm.

The choice of the doctor blade

Hardness: single-layer 65 Sh.

Speed: average.

Tilt angle: 20-30°.


Emulsion: 2+2.

Printed gap: 4 mm.

The drying parameters

Final drying: 160 °C, 3 minutes.


Activator: Murano Activator - 2% by weight.

Retainer: Special Fixer for resistance to washing up to 3% by weight.


Store at temperature 18-32º C.

Avoid contact with direct sunlight.

To use during the year of receipt.



• soft and flexible water-based glue to create an original modern designs;

• adhesive that does not lose its elasticity even at 160°C;

• used for printing on fabrics of 100% cotton;

• odorless;

• elastic adhesive with excellent adhesion;

• easy passage through recommended meshes.


Printing guidelines

• for best results, follow the recommended printing parameters and the number of grids;

• avoid excessive pressure on the squeegee when printing;

• exact drying times cannot be given due to objective differences in power, distance to the heating element of drying, as well as the thickness of the applied layer of adhesive;

• when recommended meshes with an intermediate or minimum diameter of the filament;

• to optimize the printing process use a well-strained shape;

• before printing, be sure to add 2% of Murano Activator activator to the glue;

• to improve resistance to washing, a possible Supplement of up to 3% Special Fixer. The mixture's work time is limited to 8-10 hours;

• to clean the screen form in cluding the printing process used water.


Special recommendation

• test for drying are required prior to beginning the print run. Insufficient or excessive drying will result in poor stability of the print to wash, and poor adhesion of the glue. The temperature on the surface of the impression with the final drying must be monitored with a pyrometer or other means;

• responsibility for proper selection of the adhesive to the printing material lying on the technologist or the printer responsible for making glue and print settings;

• before printing, the adhesive should be stirred;

• for any application not referred in this manual, necessary to carry out preliminary tests or to consult a specialist.