Mechanical equipment for tension screen printing forms



Model 300
Clamping width, mm 300
Maximum tensile strength 50 Newton
Pnevmozazhima dimensions (LxWxH), mm 540 х 330 х 300
Weight pnevmozazhima (diestock), kg 4


The device is designed for professional tensioning the mesh on the printing frame.

The tension occurs with the help of a professional mechanical clamps, which ensures a high uniform tension over the entire area of screen sieves.

This device is provided with a clamp 300 mm, which securely locks any kind of screen mesh. The number of clamps depends on the size of the screen frame, therefore, it is possible to put a net on the frame.

The movement of the clamp takes place over the guide wire by rotating the tensioner pulley, thus ensure the smoothness, smoothness, and eliminate the so-called "snatching" the tension that the best way affects the quality of the process of tensioning the mesh. When tightening the tensioning device rests on the printing frame, thus the screen frame is subjected to the voltage which minimizes release of tension after removal of the pressure from the device.

The tension control must be measured with a tensiometer.