Program mixing inks for screen and pad printing systems Pantone, RAL, HKS, etc.


Program Marabu Color Manager 2 (MCM 2) is designed for mixing paints for screen and pad printing company Marabu systems Pantone, RAL, HKS, and others.

Download Marabu Color Manager 2 (MCM 2), the Internet version. 61MB

To run the program, you must:

1. Download and install on your computer.

2. When you start to enter the "identification code" - internet, "password" - user.

3. To search for recipes click "Search".


Work program:


"Searching for recipes" you need to select "Sort of paint," in this window, choose a paint that is necessary for mixing, in this example, paint GL - Glasfarbe. The "ink system" choose a system of mixing (if you are using to determine the color fan Pantone, the system selects the paint Pantone). In this example, Pantone.



In the column "Test" symbols indicate whether this formulation tested or calculated. Proven formulation developed in full accordance with the sample in the laboratory Marabuwerke ink for a given grid size, on a white surface.

Calculated mixture formulation developed using a spectral photometer and software, and has not been tested.

Formulations Marabu protected by copyright and can not be removed.

All recipes saved you as a user of this program acquire the status of "customer formulations." Such formulations can be any change, and delete (the online version of this can not be done).

In the column "Name Paint" select the desired hue by Pantone and press "View". In our case, PANTONE 475 C.



In the "Calculated" choose the method of calculation in kilograms or liters, enter the desired number. In this case 0.5 kg. Then press the "Print" button, the program automatically forms a necessary number of programs for each basic color on the basis of a predetermined formula.