Digital printing is a popular and modern method of printing. It gives you the opportunity to print on materials directly from the computer without additional processes of the prepress workflow, allowing you to save time.

Digital printing is considered a leader in terms of quality, because it eliminates the production of printing forms. Is direct printing from a file, which, in addition, you can stop in any second (if, for example, discovered an error in the layout). Also a big "plus" is undoubtedly an opportunity to preview and to adjust the color.

Digital printing there is about 80 years. She has a history of development that never stops and today. Digital print was, perhaps, indispensable in some aspects of our lives.

The company "Reklamnaya sreda" offers a large selection of inks for printing on almost any material. They have a wide color gamut, extremely stable and dries quickly. Good density decrease their consumption when printing. Even at high speeds this ink perfectly convey the transitions of tones and the smallest details. And most importantly, they are compatible with a wide range of materials with coating or without. We also can buy paint for digital printing, but other materials for specific tasks: professional photo paper and poster paper, fabrics and canvases, Wallpaper for interior printing and digital murals, self-adhesive film for short-term and long-term advertising, special film for light advertising, and the appropriate snap-in.