Paint for screen printing with solvent Marasign TS




High-gloss, two-component screen printing ink, resistant to chemicals and external influences. It is used for printing on traffic signs self adhesive reflective film class RA1, RA2 and RA3.

Prints made with all the colors of More signs are suitable in the middle European climate with vertical positioning of the print for 3-year outdoor placement (North of 40 latitude).

Application features

optimally matched shades for RA 1-3 films / optimal light reflectance according to DIN 67520 / very good resistance to external influences / has high light and weather resistance

Type (paint)

solvent screen printing 2-component paint

Drying speed


The degree of gloss


Covering capacity


Resistance to external environment



silk screen printing / graphic printing

Printed materials

retroreflective film


Marabu (Germany)

Detailed description paints Marabu Marasign TS

TS 521
Screen paint TS 521
Volume of 0,8kg.

TS 536
Screen paint TS 536
Volume of 0,8kg.

TS 552
Screen paint TS 552
Volume of 0,8kg.

TS 568
Screen paint TS 568
Volume of 0,8kg.

TS 573
Screen paint TS 573
Volume of 0,8kg.

* these shades are for reference and may differ from the actual ones depending on the screen setting.

Hardener H1

H1 - hardener, added to give the paint layer better stability and adhesion. The hardener should be thoroughly and evenly mixed in the paint. The mixture of paint and hardener is unstable and must be recycled within 8 hours.

Additive - 25-33%

Unit of measure: 0,1l. and 0,2l.

UR3/ UR4 cleaner

UR3 and UR4 - universal cleaners are recommended for cleaning screen forms, working tools and printing tables from paint.

Unit of measure: 5l.