Paint for screen printing with solvent Marachrome MC




Paint for screen Marachrome MC 295 is ready for printing dye-based solvent to create the mirror, chrome and metallic effects. The mirror effect can be achieved only if printing on the reverse side of transparent material.

Labels can be printed on transparent artificial material, such as PMMA, polycarbonate, PET and pre-primed PET film and the glass. On PETG can also be printed Marachrome MC 295, however, the mirrored effect will not be as pronounced.

Application features

simulates high-quality mirror, chrome, or metal effects

Type (paint)

solvent-based screen printing ink

Drying speed


The degree of gloss


Covering capacity


Resistance to external environment



silk screen printing / graphic printing

Printed materials

glass / polyester film (dacron) / polyester (petg, pet)


Marabu (Germany)

Detailed description paints Marabu Marachrome MC                        Color layout

MC 295
Screen paint MC 295
Volume of 0,5l.

* these shades are for reference and may differ from the actual ones depending on the screen setting.

Thinner soft PSV

PSV – the universal thinner, is added to the paint prior to application is recommended when printing on polystyrene or other plastics sensitive to solvents. For spray coating additive up to 40%.

Additive - 5-10%

Unit of measure: 1l.

UR3/ UR4 cleaner

UR3 and UR4 - universal cleaners are recommended for cleaning screen forms, working tools and printing tables from paint.

Unit of measure: 5l.