Manual equipment for pad printing




Type of drive manual
Number of colors 1
Blade system open
Max. format cliche, mm 100 х 100
Max. printing area, mm 75 х 75
Max. height, mm 80
The maximum height of the tampon, mm 65
Dimensions (WxDxH), mm 250 x 440 x 500
Weight, kg 24


Manual machine for pad printing SP-100 - one of the few good solutions in terms of building a constructive manual pad printing machine, it provides the main condition for quality pad printing - print stability.

Manual machine for pad printing SP-100 allows color printing with a complex combination. This is a design feature of the machine is achieved by: tampon down movement is possible only in two positions (at the plate and on the product) on napravlyayuscheim. At some other point lower pad will not work.

All work carried out with one hand using the handle, which does not require a printer complex motor coordination, and releases the second hand, for quick delivery and removal of products from a printed table.


• Uniform contact pressure printing squeegee at removing excess paint from the form with adjustable doctor blade system parallel to the plane of the printed form.

• Precise positioning of the printing mechanism in the "extreme" points of the printing cycle to guarantee the ability to print on products consistently in several colors, ie with a combination of better than 0.1 mm.

• Separate adjustment of the depth of lower PCB pad on the printed form, cliches and the printed product.

• Moving the doctor and printing mechanisms implemented on one arm.

• The presence of the stage for sealed objects with the regulations of the axes X, Y, Z.



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