Light-diffusing adhesive tape for printing

Light-diffusing film Silky Premium Backlit 210 SPBM210

Composition: PET, thickness: 206 µm.

Light-diffusing film Eco Sol Backlite 215

Composition: PET, thickness: 210 µm.

The company "Reklamnaya sreda" offers a light-diffusing (translucent) adhesive tape for creating illuminated advertising structures with internal light source (production of Korea).

Light-diffusing films are an integral part of modern decorations. These translucent films have a high light transmission coefficient and in print absorb a lot of paint. As a result, when the direction of light on the film from the back side, the image turns out very saturated and bright, the film is beautifully diffuses the light that passes through it, and gives high brightness to the print and color reproduction and saturation. Light-diffusing film used as a substrate for the production of advertising structures with internal illumination (light boxes, roof installation, signs).