Model FGK-330C/PDA 3-330C FGK 6-320 FGK LR-360
Machine type packet packet roll
Format A3 A3 A3+
Number of shafts 4 6 2
Reverse + + +
Cold lamination + + -
Speed control - + +
Adjustable temperature + + +
Heating temperature, ° C 180 to 160 to 150
Heating time, min 4 -5 3 - 4 3 - 4
Film thickness, micron 60-250 60-250 25-250
Laminating thickness, mm to 1 to 2 to 5
Laminating width, mm to 330 to 320 to 355
The maximum laminating speed, mm/min 500 1500 1600
Cooling function - +  
Foiling function + +  
Housing metal metal metal
Power, W 620 1100 1600
Dimensions (WxDxH), mm 505 x 240 x 105 520 x 220 x 150 620 x 520 x 310
Weight, kg 8 18 28


Laminators - machines designed for laminating documents in the plastic film, which permanently preserves their appearance and protects from contamination and mechanical damage, increases the degree of protection against forgery of the document. Laminators come in two types: batch, using the special plastic bag of a certain format, and roll, roll sheets of paper into a plastic film applied on top and bottom of rolls, followed by cutting.

By way of using supplies laminators can be divided into batch (envelope) and roll. Consumables for batch laminators are a batch of different formats, sealed on one side, inside of which lays the document and passed through the laminator.

Batch laminator FGK indispensable in any office, copy center, or advertising Agency and are intended to cover documents in plastic for a long time preserving their original look and protects from unwanted external influences.

These laminators are ideal for departments of permits and businesses protection, organizing committees of exhibitions who want to produce passes or badges. Also a batch of A3 laminators are designed to work in a small office and advertising agencies and print shops, everywhere, where you long to keep documents: certificates, diplomas, awards, and give them a neat and elegant look.

Model professional laminator FGK6-320 software with touch controls, four hot internal heating and two cold rollers, with digital adjustment of speed and temperature, with the possibility of cold lamination and foil are practically not inferior to the models with similar characteristics of other firms, but much more interesting for the price.

Roll laminators are often used in enterprises, where the volume of lamination or to provide services in the salons.

The advantages of web devices that supplies for them are much cheaper than the leaf, and the performance is still quite high.

Model professional roll laminator FGK LR-360 is designed for double sided cold and hot laminating. Used in small and medium-sized printing houses. Equipped with two silicone shafts with integrated infrared heating elements. Equipped with a front knife for trimming laminated film.