Quartz glass for UV dryers




Ltd. "Reklamnaya sreda" offers quartz glass for protection UV lamps UV installations.

Why quartz glass is used to protect for UV curing lamps?

For the manufacture of quartz glass requires a very high temperature - above 1700 ° C. The softening temperature of quartz glass about 1400 ° C. Quartz glass - a good insulator. Electrical resistance of quartz is much higher than the best silicate glasses. This makes quartz excellent material for working with heating insulation elements.

With its low, almost no changes with temperature, thermal expansion coefficient, quartz glass is insensitive to rapid changes in temperature. Compared with conventional glass, the coefficient of thermal expansion of quartz glass is less than about 15-20 times.

In contrast to all without exception, conventional varieties of glass, quartz glass is completely exposed to pure water and weathering.

Quartz glass - one of the most transparent substances. It shows a very weak absorption of light in the invisible and visible parts of the spectrum. Even in very thick layers, almost no shade. The absorption of the incident light in glass is very low. Very transparent in the infrared part of the spectrum and ultraviolet rays.

IMPORTANT quartz glass afraid of fat man's hands, which leads to the appearance of cloudy spots when it is heated during operation. If you are still stained quartz glass, in this case, wipe it with an alcohol swab. Dull spot reduces the intensity of UV radiation and leads to poor drying.

We offer quartz glass for the following systems:

• Photocopiers for exposing screen printing forms.

• UV drying tunnel in any format.

• UV offset drying tunnel.

Produce quartz glass under your size.