Exhibiting swing frames with vacuum hold-down



Model 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Max. frame size, mm 1100x1300 1200x1600 1400x1800 1400x2000 1400x2200 1500x3000 1600x2600 1800x3500 2000x4000
Power supply, V 220 220 220 220 220 220 220 220 220
Glass size (width*length), mm 1440x1850 1580x2100 1700x2420 1800x2650 1900x2850 1920x3650 2000x3300 2200x4200 2400x4700
Weight Copyframes, kg 120 142 159 170 200 250 290 380 450


Copy holder is designed for vertical illumination screen printing forms. It has two positions: upright for display (up) and horizontal (for installation plate).

Completed this installation:

• glass transmits ultraviolet rays as needed to best expose the emulsion;

• Flexible and durable rubber vacuum, which makes it easy to take the form of frames, thus providing a tight clamp photoforms (imagesetter) to the emulsion layer stencil;

• German-made vacuum pump allows a short time to create a vacuum between the quartz glass and the rubber vacuum and maintain it throughout the period of exposure screen printing forms;

• hydraulic shock absorbers, capable of holding the top of the carbon frame;

• shock-free steering system saves carbon frame production area shops as well as you get comfortable in the setting for the backlight screen printing forms.

• Mobile mobile support, with which you can easily move the copier frame.