Copying facilities for exposing screen printing forms



Model 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Max. frame size, mm 750x950 950x1200 1100x1350 1200x1450 1300x1600 1400x1800 1500x2200
Manage digital timer + + + + + + +
Manage vacuum pump + + + + + + +
Drying shelf number 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Adjusting the heating temperature + + + + + + +
Convection inside the dryer + + + + + + +
Combined power plant, V 380 380 380 380 380 380 380
Glass size (width*length), mm 1050x1250 1250x1500 1400x1650 1500x1750 1600x1900 1700x2100 1800x2500
Installation size (width*length), mm 1100x1600 1300x1850 1500x2000 1600x2100 1700x2300 1800x2500 1900x2700


This type of imaging equipment includes a third device (copy holder, lamp and copy the drying chamber) which are formed in a single body.

The device includes a copy of the frame :

• Samu copying frame designed for horizontal glare screen printing forms. In which the glass is firmly fixed to the powerful whole theorem;

• Glass, maximum transmit ultraviolet radiation exposure needed to best emulsion;

• Flexible and durable vacuum rubber, which makes it easy to take the form of frames, thus providing a tight clamp imagesetter to the emulsion layer;

• Vacuum pump , allowing for a short time to create a vacuum between the glass and rubber vacuum and maintain it throughout the period of exposure screen printing forms;

• Hydraulic shock absorbers, allowing to hold the upper part of the frame copy.

The device includes a copy lantern :

• Expose (copying) Quick Launch lamp designed for screen printing forms illumination by UV radiation. Installation can be equipped with different power lamps ( 3500 W , 5500 W , 7500 W) working with the peak in the range 300-450 nm. This range provides the best conditions for fast and high-quality exposure emulsions and films. Lamp life with proper maintenance is 1000 hours.

• The lamp is provided by a digital timer with 10-program memory, also can manually set exposure time. Digital timer provides precise time and exposure modes, which is very important when dealing with small details and raster.

The device includes an airing cupboard:

• Sam oven for drying emulsion applied to the printing screen for the next step illumination stencil forms, which is required in the process of production and regeneration matrices. The temperature inside the oven is controlled with precision digital thermostat with setpoint and actual temperature. Digital indicator corrects heating, thereby maintains a preset temperature within the enclosure. Airing cupboard has 4 compartments, opening horizontally on rails. Drying boxes suitable for the correct placement of stencil plate printed with photographic emulsion according to the process.

• The ventilation system inside the oven housing . Airflow protected cut filter dust and debris into the body drying, which is important to output high-quality products. And also to avoid costly service cleaning drying and extend the life of the heat sources.

• Mobile mobile support, with which you can easily navigate exhibited (copiers) combined installation.



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