Exhibiting lights for rotary duplicating frames




Model 3500 5500 7500
The digital timer + + +
Quick start lamps + + +
Power, kW 3,75 5,75 7,75
Power supply, V 380 380 380
Dimensions copier lamp (WxDxH), mm 475 х 560 х 1100 475 х 560 х 1100 475 х 560 х 1100
Weight copier lamp, kg 56 56 56


The exposure (copy) lamp is designed for screen printing forms illumination by UV radiation.

Installation can be equipped with different power lamps (3500 W, 5500 W, 7500 W) working with the peak in the range 300-450 nm. This range provides the best conditions for fast and high-quality exposure emulsions and capillary films. Copying lights equipped with UV lamps German Quick Launch.

The lamp is provided by digital timer also can manually set exposure time. Digital timer provides precise time and exposure modes, which is very important when dealing with small details and raster. The control system has 10 memory modes illumination time.

Copy lantern has height adjustment, which depends on the format copier frame. Expose (copiers) lamps have mobile mobile supports, with which it is possible to change the distance of the frame copy. The magnitude of this distance affects the copying, copying precision.

Lamp life with proper maintenance is 1000 hours.