Combined IR + UV tunnel dryer for screen printing




Model 1
Type of drive Электро
IR drying chamber length, mm 2000
The width of the conveyor belt, mm 700
Number of heating zones, IR, pcs 3
UV tunnel module +
The amount of UV lamps, pieces 2
Power, kW 25,6
Power supply, V 380
Dimensions (LxWxH), m 4,00 х 1,65 х 1,79


Combined IR + UV drying tunnel intended for screen printing stencil for the final drying of paints, require heating to a temperature of 180 C and for joint stencil UV drying inks and lacquers. In general such inks used for screen printing on textile goods and the transfer paper. Type of paint and varnish UV curing used for graphic printing on non-absorbent and absorbent surfaces such as paper, cardboard, polyethylene, a different kind of plastic, foil, wood, etc.

Options to block IR

Infrared drying tunnel designed to finish drying stencil paints requiring heating temperature up to +180 C. They are mainly used to dye silk-screen printing on textile and transfer paper.

These tunnel drying areas have powerful IR heating. Heating sections are divided into three zones, which have pozonnoe emitters off to save power or to solve technological purposes drying products. IR heating section can be easily adjusted in height by the height adjuster.

The temperature inside the tunnel is controlled by a high precision digital temperature controller with setpoint and actual temperature. Digital display performs corrections IR heating sections, thus maintains the desired temperature inside the tunnel.

The ventilation system inside drying protected filter, which cuts off dust and debris in the textile drying cabinet, which is important for the output products of high quality. And also avoid costly cleaning service tunnel, and extend the life of the IR heating sections. The ventilation system is equipped with a hood so that the admission of air into the cabinet, it is distributed, cool wall of the body and creates an air barrier at entrances and output. Air barrier creates the most accurate given temperature zone inside the tunnel and prevents the effect of "draft."

Autonomous hood facilitates extraction of hot air and paint fumes caused inside the tunnel. Hood has a mechanical valve in the ventilation system, which regulates the pumping of heat and fumes what is important for different areas of exhaust systems.

Conveyor Teflon tape is made of heat-resistant material that can withstand temperatures up to 300 C. The movement of the conveyor belt drive adjustable with digital display, which provides infinitely variable speed control. Teflon conveyor belt moves on four rollers, uniform tension is regulated by mechanical adjustments.

Completion of a UV

These UV drying tunnel equipped with UV lamps German production standard linear power, which is 120 Tues / cm.

UV curing lamps have power adjustment, it allows you to configure all modes of drying, which is important for the polymerization of different density and structure of UV inks and varnishes. Developing lamp time is automatically controlled by a digital counter. Recommended replacement lamps manufactured after 1000 hours of operation.

Reflector (reflector) made ??of an aluminum material having a high degree of heat and has excellent reflective properties. This combination reflector best way to affect the removal of thermal energy and the concentration of UV rays on the printed material.

The cooling system inside is equipped with a UV-curing powerful fans. This ventilation hood is arranged so that the entering air is distributed inside the casing it cools the wall of the housing off the whole area of the reflector opening penetrate the reflector and thereby dissipate heat and ozone. This cooling system provides the best workflow with thin and susceptible to heat materials, and creates a vacuum on the conveyor belt fixing the printed product.