Pneumatic equipment for tension screen printing forms




Model 200 250 300 350 500
Clamping width, mm 200 250 300 350 500
Maximum tensile strength 50 Newton - 8 Atm. 42 Newton - 8 Atm. 35 Newton - 8 Atm. 30 Newton - 8 Atm. 21 Newton - 8 Atm.
Pnevmozazhima dimensions (LxWxH), mm 540 х 230 х300 540 х 280 х 300 540 х 330 х 300 540 х 380 х 300 540 х 530 х 300
Dimensions controller (LxWxH), mm 320 х 240 х 140 320 х 240 х 140 320 х 240 х 140 320 х 240 х 140 320 х 240 х 140
Weight pnevmozazhima (diestock), kg 5,55 5,70 5,85 6,00 6,45
Weight control, kg 2,80 2,80 2,80 2,80 2,80


The device is designed for the professional tension on the mesh stencil frame.

Tension occurs with strong Italian pneumatic cylinder, which ensures high uniformity of tension throughout the area of ??stencil screen.

Each unit is equipped with tension clamp width of 200, 250, 300, 350 and 500 mm., Which securely locks any kind of screen mesh. Number of terminals depending on the size of screen frame, based on this, we can draw a grid on the frame of different formats.

Motion clip is on the guide with bearings, this ensures smooth, uniform speed, and eliminates friction, and so-called "jerk" the tension that the best for the quality of the process of stretch mesh. When pulling nets tensioner rests in screen frame, thus, screen frame is stressed that minimizes the release of tension after the pressure is removed from the device.

Tension control is determined by the pressure gauge with a pressure regulator, which provide continuous adjustment of the degree of tension in the longitudinal and transverse directions stencil screen. The device is equipped with a safety valve, which provides the force for short stretch off the air pressure.

Turbofan regulator allows the tension to the various efforts in two directions (longitudinal and transverse).



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