Adhesives, cleaners for the manufacture of outdoor and indoor advertising

Universal adhesive COSMOFEN CA 12

Universal instant glue steps for bonding all types of plastic, metal, rubber, leather and many other materials. The adhesive has a very fast and strong bonding, resistance to temperature swings and moisture.

Super glue-NN

Adhesive based on polyurethane resins for banner, all kinds of leather, fabric, rubber, faux leather, MDF, polystyrene, PVC and polycarbonate. Its distinguishing feature is that it saves the sticky adhesive layer within 5-15 minutes, which gives you the opportunity to improve the bonding surfaces in the process.

Adhesive Cosmofen Plus HV

Special glue on the basis of the dissolved PVC for bonding different materials of PVC such as Windows, doors, advertising materials, pipes and more. A feature of this glue is that due to dissolution of the material being bonded (plastic parts design) it can smooth out the gaps at the joints (up to 0.3 mm).

Glue Cosmofen PMMA

Glue is used in the production of promotional products, during installation of Windows for fast and durable bonding of articles made of acrylic. Applied for gluing all the details and constructions made of acrylic glass, in the manufacture of window designs, the automotive industry and everywhere, where is used the acrylic.

Spray adhesive Scotch-Weld 77

Universal quick adhesive for permanent mounting and fixing. When applied to both surfaces connects almost all popular materials, including foam, fabric, cardboard, wood, plastics, foil, rubber and more.

Spray adhesive Scotch-Weld 90

Super glue is ideal for applications requiring fast drying and high bond strength. For bonding decorative laminates, wood, light metals, plastics, including polyethylene and polypropylene, as well as the most lightweight materials (felt, fabric, cardboard and foam).

The cleaner Cosmofen 20

A gentle universal cleaner for removal of surface from dust, grease, dirt, traces of rubber, polyurethane foam and fresh silicone, sealant, tar, bitumen and glue residue from the protective film.