Cleaner and thinner Kiwosolv L 63 series for adhesive Kiwobond




KIWOSOLV L 63 is used to dilute the glue Kiwobond series. Detailed information about the number of dilution please clarify in the technical description of an appropriate adhesive. Also KIWOSOLV L 63 can be used as a cleaner to remove adhesive residues c of the printing screen.


As a reducing agent: Add a certain amount of KIWOSOLV L 63, (as stated in the technical descriptions in diluted glue) and mix thoroughly, add thinner in small doses as needed to achieve the desired viscosity.

As cleaner: soak a cloth with KIWOSOLV L 63 and to remove adhesive residue. Repeat the cleaning process for stubborn soiling.

Color: colorless

Safety and environmental protection

When working with KIWOSOLV L 63 must be ensured adequate ventilation of the working area. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep away from sources of ignition. Do not smoke.


3 years (at 20-25 °C) in a tightly closed original package.