Chemical hardener emulsion Kiwoset K




KIWOSET K-T is the water-acid solution is used to cure emulsions chemically. It is applied with a brush to form a smooth film which promotes uniform curing. After evaporation of the hardener in open areas of the stencil does not leave any residue.


For maximum stability stencil printing very long print runs emulsion layer is cured by tanning agent KIWOSET K.
Procedure for curing the emulsion:

  • put a frame horizontally;
  • evenly tanning KIWOSET K soft brush or sponge on both sides of the grid;
  • wait about 15 minutes for the reaction;
  • make a stencil curing warm filtered air temperature of 40 ° C for 1-2 hours (preferably in an oven);
  • at room temperature (min. 20 ° C), the curing time is 24 hours stencil.
Higher temperatures and increased reaction time further increases resistance stencil. After curing, the flaking emulsion make impossible.