Adhesive for screen printing Kiwoprint D 158



Kiwoprint D 158 is a high – quality glue for use in the production of self-adhesive paper products, cardboard, rigid PVC, rubber, technical foams substances, painted surfaces, etc. Shows a very good adhesion to polyester and polycarbonate film, polyethylene, polypropylene, glass and metal. Kiwoprint D 158 is durable and has good lightfastness.

Due to its relatively soft surface adhesiveness, it is particularly suitable for use in so-called difficult substrates such as polyethylene, polypropylene and polyamide.

Materials, sealed Kiwoprint D 158 can be stored for at least 1 year without appreciable deterioration of the adhesive properties, if you can cover them with silicone paper and store in a dry and dark place at room temperature.


Kiwoprint D 158 can be applied by brush, roller or by screen printing. If the coating is applied by screen printing, you must use a water resistant photoemulsion CERACOP program or AZOCOL and mesh 21 to 43 threads/ cm. the Best quality prints can be achieved using a mesh with the smallest diameter thread thickness.

Before you print Kiwoprint D 158 should stir! If in the printing process occur pause more than 10-15 minutes, the stencil must be cleaned of glue.

Drying is carried out during storage at room temperature or in the case of industrial production by passing the prints through the drying channel. For further use of the imprint ready after the final drying, i.e. when it has become transparent; then it can be covered with silicone paper.

In order to know the suitability of the adhesive for each specific component, as, for example, printed material, paint, covering material, please perform a test print. It is therefore very important to long-term compatibility of the applied inks and other materials used. Also must be checked the influence of covering material on the primary substrate (e.g., roughness, migration of certain elements and plasticizers).

Drying time: depends on the quantity of adhesive applied, the grade of material on which it is applied, humidity and temperature of drying. Approximate values for the drying process at room temperature and a relative humidity of 60 % as follows:

30 microns wet application: approximately 5 minutes

60 microns wet application: approximately 8 minutes

90 microns wet application: approximately 18 minutes

120 microns wet coating: approximately 30 minutes

Dilution: water (max 5 %)

Cleaning: wet – water; dry - PREGAN 1014 E.

Base: aqueous dispersion of allpolymer

Color: wet: yellowish; dry: transparent

Viscosity: approximately 25 000 m/Pas

Solid content: approximately 61 %

Temperature resistance: approximately – 30 °C to + 100 °C

Resistance to UV rays: very good

The rate of adhesion: 700 g, measured by tester of adhesion; adhesive wet film of 90 μm is applied by squeegee on polyester film.

Note: when applying the adhesive for screen printing because of the different structure of the sieve depending on the used grid can be achieved somewhat lower performance.

Storage: 1 year (at 20-25 °C in tightly closed original container). Protect from frost!