Resistant to water-based paint retouching Kiwofiller WR 01



KIWOFILLER WR/01 highly stable, water-bred reshush stencil, which are used in printing inks and water-based formulations. KIWOFILLER WR/01 also used to fill the edges of the stencil, is resistant to water and can be easily removed from the grid.

KIWOFILLER WR/01 resistant to gasoline, aromatics, alcohols, glycols, as well as chemical compounds, water-based, acid and alkali in a concentration that is commonly used in the textile and screen printing. KIWOFILLER ® WR-01 shows good resistance to esters and ketones, so clean the stencil, to some extent, can be conducted by means of solvents.
With the use of a series of products to peel PREGASOL emulsions, KIWOFILLER WR/01 can be removed from the grid with a water gun at high pressure (at least 30 bar).


Drying temperature retouching should not exceed 30 ° C. At higher temperatures and longer shelf life retouching removal becomes more difficult or impossible. On this basis, retouching KIWOFILLER WR/01 should be removed from the grid as soon as possible after the end of the printing process. Drying at a temperature up to 40 ° C to remove retouching, use a water pistol with a minimum pressure of 120bar, at temperatures above 40 ° C to remove retouch seems hardly possible.

KIWOFILLER WR/01 applied to places retouched with a brush or squeegee-cell.

Drying: approximately 3 hours at 20 ° C or for 1 hour at 30 ° C. In the case of higher temperatures or longer drying time should be limited to the possibility of removal retouching.

Thinning: Water

Cleaning: Do not touch-dried can be removed with water, working tools, to remove dried, use retouching solution PREGASOL or PREGAN 1014 E.

Color: blue

Viscosity: about 1700 mPas.

Storage. 12 months (at 20 ± 5 ° C) in the original packaging.