Resistance to solvents retouching Kiwofiller 407 Red



KIWOFILLER 407 is primarily used to retouch the edges and fill in the stencils that are resistant to solvents. Retouching dries quickly and forms an elastic, very good resistance to solvents and abrasion film. In addition, KIWOFILLER 407 has an excellent capacity for spreading, one of the best features of retouching is its wettability. The cured film is water-soluble and therefore easily and without residue is removed from the mesh with warm or cold water.


KIWOFILLER 407 is applied to the brush retouched areas. If the tool is applied to a fine mesh, you can use a squeegee-cuvette. In the case of the need for small retushirovochnyh works fine brush is recommended dilution retouch 10% water.

Drying time: about 15 minutes at a temperature of 20-25 ° C.

Thinning / Cleanup: Water

Color: red

Viscosity: about 1500 mPas.

Storage: 12 months (at 20 ± 5 ° C) in the original packaging.