Cleaner to remove paint residues Kiwoclean LM 628




Kiwoclean LM 628 is a universal solvent-based cleaner to remove all types of inks from stencils during printing, cleaning of working tools, blades, and contaminated parts of the printing machine. Used for manual cleaning.

The purifier has a very low odor, when applied does not damage the emulsion layer and contains halohydrocarbons.


Apply the cleaner on the stencil from two sides and then remove the paint with a rag or brush.

Note: Kiwoclean LM 628 is composed of organic solvents that can damage various plastics or coatings. Therefore, before use in the work, it is advisable to conduct preliminary tests.

Color: Colorless

Safety and environmental protection

Do not breathe solvent evaporation and ensure adequate ventilation of the working area.

Storage: 3 years (at 20-25 ° C in the original packaging).