Adhesive for screen grids Kiwobond 1100 PowerGrip




Quick-drying two-component adhesive for screen mesh, which provides resistance to chemicals grip mesh frames of any materials (aluminum, steel, wood, etc.) The adhesive is applied with a stiff brush, and after curing is almost completely resistant to solvents. Short drying time allows the grid after bonding to the frame of the minimum time to be in the tensioner. In addition, possible bonding high-modulus and steel mesh without losing the degree of tension after removal of the tensioner. The adhesive layer does not become brittle, so if you accidentally hit the surface of the grid, it is not damaged.


Before use must be carefully removed from the surface of the frame all the remnants of the old adhesive with a cleaning agent PREGAN DL. If the old adhesive layer has a smooth surface with no damage, it can not be removed. For aluminum frame sandblasted, make sure there is no dust. The surface of the frame should be degreased and free of any substances that may affect the quality of adhesion. For best adhesion, in some cases, we recommend priming the surface of the frame cured KIWODUR 1100 PowerGrip.

Before you start to mix KIWOBOND 1000 with hardener KIWODUR HMT 1000 HMT in a 5:1 ratio (20%) by weight. Should be thoroughly mixed components and use the mixture for 45-60 minutes. A mixture of glue and hardener is applied manually to the grid at the point of contact with the frame, using a stiff brush. When applying a thin adhesive layer, Kiwobond 1100 PowerGrip dries very quickly. In the case of very fine grids (100 threads / cm) can be added to the mix thinner KIWOSOLV L 63.

Glue drying time depends mainly on the number pasted grid, the thickness of the adhesive layer, as well as the temperature and ventilation of the room.

Standard values ??at 20 ° C are:



Time tensioner




approximately 7 minute

approximately 10 minute

approximately 15 minute

While the relative resistance to water and many solvents is reached in about 1 hour, finally curing is carried out only after 24 hours.

Despite the fact that Kiwobond 1100 PowerGrip has a very good resistance to solvents is recommended to additionally cover the adhesive with a protective varnish, especially in the case of automatic cleaning unit. In this case, use a nail ESTELAN 224. A protective lacquer layer can be made depending on the thickness of the applied adhesive, and drying conditions after 2-3 hours.

Pot life: 45-60 minutes (depending on the room temperature and the volume of the mixture)

Thinner:  KIWOSOLV L 63

Cleaning: uncured: KIWOSOLV L 63, cured: PREGAN DL

Color: colorless

Safety and environmental protection

When working with Kiwobond 1100 PowerGrip and HMT 1000 KIWODUR hardener must be ensured adequate ventilation of the working area. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep away from sources of ignition. Do not smoke.


1 year (20-25 ° C) in a tightly-sealed container.
At about + 8 ° C, Kiwobond 1100 PowerGrip enters gelatinous state. To obtain normal consistency adhesive is heated to room temperature and stir. Freezing and heating does not have any influence on adhesive properties.