Brush set to work with stencil shapes Kiwo Screenbrush




Brushes for different types of work. Used for the application of various chemical compounds on the surface of the sieve.

Brushes are made of plastic which is resistant to chemical attack. Different length bristles allows you to perform various types of work without damaging the stencil. For the convenience of the brush marked with different colors.

For each type of work available in the brush bristles to length:

  • degreasing - long white beard
  • cleaning - long blue hair
  • removing emulsion - a long green beard
  • applying pastes - short red hair.

Proper selection of the length of the bristles allows processing grid without damaging it.

Ergonomically shaped handle compensates possible voltage brush creates additional convenience for the employee.

In order to serve for the brush, you need to provide care and treatment after each use. Brush thoroughly washed and dried.