Hand tool for setting eyelets with a diameter of 10, 12, 16 mm



The diameter of the installed grommets, mm
Performance per shift
10, 12, 16
Fabric, leather, banner, cardboard, plastic up to 3 mm
up to 500


The company "Reklamnaya Sreda" offers a set of hand tools to install grommets with a diameter of 10, 12, 16 mm. the Kit consists of a punch, anvils and raspaltsovki.

The dial allows you to set eyelets on any vinyl fabric and some kinds of thin plastics. Three sizes allow you to set eyelets with a diameter of 10, 12 and 16 mm. the Distinctive advantage of the tools is the presence of a guide cylinder on raspaltsovki - for precise positioning of rozwarzewska at the moment of impact.

Installation of eyelets:

Note: work must occur on an even, stable surface, protected from damage.

Note on the product for the fitting of the grommet. Further, under pushing the product puts a solid material that will not leave damage on the product in our case a piece of wooden block. Using the punch make the hole for the grommet by hitting the punch with a hammer on top.

The front side of the grommet material installed, and from the back side install the washer. Then with the help of rozwarzewska and anvil compress the grommet and the ongoing strike, which will ensure that the flaring of the grommet.