Imagebrite base plastisol to create a reflective effect




Imagebrite base plastisol is the ink for direct printing on textile. Reflective base is composed of glass beads coated with aluminum, they give the paint a high ability of reflection of light. Imagebrite base not pigmented. Add up to 5% (by weight) pigment concentrate to create the desired color. There are also ready-to-use colored reflective paint, black (black 19000PFXREF), gray (Mid Gray 14295PFXREF), dark gray (Dk. Gray 14298PFXREF).


Print options

Types of fabrics

100% cotton and blended fabric-based polyester. Do not use on nylon!

Mesh selection

43-62 threads/cm.

Recommended tension: 25-35 N/cm.

The choice of the doctor blade

Hardness: 65-75 Sh single-layer, three-layer 75/90/75 Sh.

Profile: rectangular.

Edge: sharp.

Speed: medium to high.


Emulsion: 2+2.

Capillary film: not applicable.

Printed gap: 2 mm.

The drying parameters

Intermediate drying: 70-82 °C (160-180°F).

Transfer: 171-177°C (340-350 °F).


Supplements: MX, PC - max. 5% by weight.

Diluent: 10025VB QEC Viscosity Buster - 1% by weight.


Store at temperature 18-32º C.

Avoid contact with direct sunlight.

To use during the year of receipt.



• Reflectivity of a high level on dark and light fabrics.

• Has excellent adhesion.

• Prints easily through recommended meshes.

• Excellent reflectivity even after washing.

• To print safe and trendy designs.


Printing guidelines

• For the reflective paint of the desired color, add the reflective base up to 5% (by weight) of the pigment concentrate. Attention! When adding to the database (10344REF) of the concentrate of pigment, it is recommended to use only the amount of paint that you want to print actual copies, as the elasticity of the mixed paint can drop significantly in a short period of time.

• Some pigments CANNOT be used with reflective base

10450РС Red-brown.

10570РС Purple.

10500РС Purple.

10200РС Light brown.

10250РС Dark brown.

10300РС Light orange.

10400РС Red.

10680РС Blue.

10700РС Green.

• Do not print the reflective base as the second layer (on the substrate), as in this case, the reflectivity will be significantly reduced.

• Not acceptable printing technique printing/intermediate drying/printing (printing is recommended in the “single hire”).

• Reflective shades work best on dark fabrics, but since these colors are not completely opaque, under normal lighting conditions may slightly be modified in accordance with the color of the fabric.

• Use stencil with a high degree of tension of the mesh to get the desired result.


Special recommendation

• Test for drying are required prior to beginning the print run. Insufficient or excessive drying will result in poor stability of the print to wash, and poor adhesion of paint. The temperature on the surface of the impression with intermediate and final drying must be monitored with a pyrometer or other means.

• Responsibility for the correct selection of paint to a printing material lying on the technologist or the printer responsible for making paint and printing options.

• Stir the product before printing.

• The printed image cannot be subjected to dry cleaning, bleaching, and Ironing with a hot iron.

• For any application not referred in this manual, necessary to carry out preliminary tests or to consult a specialist.