Infrared (IR) tunnel drying for screen printing, Light series



Model D-100 D-1000 LittleRed X1
Type of drive Electro Electro Electro
Conveyor length, mm 1170 1170 1220
The width of the conveyor belt, mm 450 660 760
Heating element size, mm 400х400 400х500 300x610
Number of heating zones, units 1 1 1
Installation option desktop desktop outdoor
Power, kW 1,7 2,1 2,6
Power supply, V 220 220 220
Dimensions (LxWxH), m 1,80х1,13х1,39 3,00х1,13х1,39 1,22х1,05х1,22
Weight, kg 41 52 78


Infrared drying tunnel designed to finish drying stencil paints requiring heating temperature up to +180 C. They are mainly used to dye silk-screen printing on textile and transfer paper.

These tunnel dryers are designed for small printing industries. Productivity should not exceed more than 110 products per hour for products (t-shirts) sealed with plastisol paint and 45 products with water-based paint.

Tunnel IR drying has a heating plate, which is adjustable in height with height regulators. The temperature inside the tunnel is controlled by a thermostat.

The cooling system inside the body is made so that when air enters the body, it is distributed, cools the walls of the body, penetrates through the holes and thereby removes the generated heat. This cooling system provides the best working process with heat-sensitive materials.

The teflon conveyor belt is made of heat-resistant material that can withstand temperatures up to 300 C. the movement of the conveyor belt is controlled by a drive that provides smooth speed adjustment. The conveyor Teflon tape moves to the shafts, the uniformity of tension of which is regulated by mechanical regulators.