LLC "Reklamnaya sreda" offers infrared (IR) tunnel drying for screen printing, Light and Pro series.

IR drying tunnel designed to finish drying stencil paints requiring heating temperature up to +180 C. In General, these paints are applied for screen printing on textiles and transfer paper.

For the final drying of prints on textile products, it is required to heat the paint layer to a certain temperature and withstand the necessary time. For different types of paints, there are different temperature-time drying modes. For these modes when drying textiles, our company offers a wide range of IR (infrared) tunnel dryers.

To improve the efficiency of the dryer is especially for drying of textile water inks, we recommend IR drying Pro series. These IR dryers allow faster heating and evaporation of water from the paint on a variety of textile materials.

In IR dryers heating of the paint layer is due to infrared radiation. IR (infrared) radiation heats the object itself, not the air through which it passes. The ability to heat in IR (infrared) dryers colorful surface depends on the color of the surface and the wavelength of radiation. The black surface receives more IR (infrared) radiation from the dryer than the white surface, which partially reflects it. Therefore, white paint longer to dry than the dark.

IR (infrared) dryers are a box (tunnel) in which the IR (infrared) emitters are located, under which the conveyor belt with the products moves. The performance of IR (infrared) drying depends on the temperature in the tunnel, the length of the tunnel, the speed of the conveyor, the height of the IR (infrared) emitter and the heat capacity of the product. The paint on the t-shirt will heat up to a predetermined temperature faster than on warm work clothes.

The length of the tunnel depends on the holding time of the product at a given drying temperature. If the tunnel of the dryer is short, it is necessary to reduce the speed of the conveyor (reduced productivity) or increase the drying temperature (if the material of the product will withstand) otherwise the paint will not dry.

The intensity of the heat flux depends on the height of the IR (infrared) emitters. The lower they are, the higher the IR flux density and the faster the heating.

The output length of the IR dryer affects the final cooling temperature of the paint. With a very short output IR dryer paint may not have time to cool, which leads to its adhesion.

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