Production of infrared tubular and finned heaters for IR tunnel dryers



LLC "Reklamnaya Sreda" produces infrared tubular and finned heating elements for use in infrared tunnel drying.

Their function is to create a flow of air under controlled conditions of temperature or to maintain a controlled temperature. Their versatile design makes it suitable for installation directly in the infrared tunnel drying for direct heating of air flow. Ribbed surface has the function to promote and improve heat transfer.

The use of quality materials in general throughout the entire production cycle, allows ribbed heating elements of our production to use to reach temperatures of over 350 ° C.

Summing up, I want to emphasize that tubular and finned heating elements are an excellent choice for those who need high – quality heating at an affordable price and high reliability and quality.

Also, our company are able to produce for you to order heating elements, tubular heaters for replacement equipment both imported and domestically produced from different materials - carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, for different environments and applications, and as an industrial activity, agricultural and domestic purposes. Produce heating elements on your sketches or samples in any quantity in compliance with all rules, regulations, Guest.