Infrared IR intermediate drying screen printing



Format drying, mm 450 х 550
Size of heating zones, mm 500 х 600
Number of heating zones, units 6
Power, kW 7,00
Power, V 380


Infrared (IR) intermediate dryers are designed to dry out the stencil paints between print cycles with multi-color printing.

IR intermediate drying is equally suitable, both for manual carousel equipment, and semi-automatic and is installed above the printing table of the carousel. Control unit with heat sources mounted on mobile mobile support. With height adjusters can easily change the height of the block relative to the IR substrate product.

Intermediate drying equipped with powerful IR lamps that operate in pulsed mode (quick start) controlled by a timer. Pulse mode (fast start lamps) allows precise control of drying and prevent overheating of printed products. IR lamps are divided into six zones, which have emitters pozonnoe off to save power or to solve technological purposes drying products.

The control unit has IR intermediate drying: Time timer IR heating zones, smooth power control IR lamps pozonnoe off IR lamps, including infrared lamps by either button or limit switch.

The ventilation system for the safety of protected metal filter.

Fan catches air into the case, while it is distributed, cool IR reflective panels, cool wall of the body and creates an air barrier in the ground breaking products. Cools the air barrier at the output printed by changing printing table, so the table and textile products, ranked in the printing unit machine has a temperature suitable for further printings kraskoottiska.