Infrared IR intermediate drying screen printing, Light series



Model F-100 F-1000 RedFlash R-18-240
Size of heating zones, mm 410 х 410 460 х 460 460 х 460
Number of heating zones, units 1 1 1
Power, kW 1,63 2,60 2.60 or 3.50
Power, V 220 220 220


Infrared (IR) intermediate drying is designed to dry screen inks between printing cycles in multi-color printing.

IR intermediate drying is suitable for manual carousel equipment and is installed above the printing table of the carousel machine. When used with semi-automatic carousel equipment, a long stop of the section in the drying area should be avoided. The control unit with heating panel is installed on mobile mobile supports. With the help of height regulators, you can easily change the height of the IR block and the parallelism with respect to the printed product.

Intermediate drying is equipped with a heating panel, which operates in a constant mode with control panel.

Control panel IR intermediate drying has: on / off IR heating panel, smooth power adjustment.