LLC "Reklamnaya sreda" offers infrared (IR) intermediate drying for screen printing, Light and Pro series.

The task of intermediate drying is reduced to the fastest possible drying of the paint to a state in which it is not lubricated during the application of subsequent colors. This gives a more saturated imprint with clear edges. Intermediate drying can not replace the finish drying paint because it has a very short time, which is not enough for its full polymerization.

We offer various designs of intermediate dryers, which can be divided into two types. Intermediate drying constant action series Light (they produce heat without turning off during printing) and pulse installation series Pro (heating occurs only during the approach of the table to the drying position).

In IR intermediate drying the heating of the paint layer is due to infrared radiation. IR (infrared) radiation heats the object itself, not the air through which it passes. The ability to heat in IR (infrared) dryers colorful surface depends on the color of the surface and the wavelength of radiation. The black surface receives more IR (infrared) radiation from the dryer than the white surface, which partially reflects it. Therefore, white paint longer to dry than the dark.

The distance between the gap and the printing table affects the concentration and uniformity of heat flow on the product. The greater the gap, the less concentration, but more uniformity. From the height of the IR (infrared) emitters to the product depends on the intensity of the heat flow. The greater the distance, the longer the drying time.

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